Aesop was a Greek writer. Until this day, nobody is quite sure that he existed but it is believed that he lived 6 years BC.

It is supposed that he told most of his stories and that he never wrote them down. Nothing can be confirmed with certainty because we do not have much information about his life.

There are a lot of legends about his life, and one of them indicates that he was a slave who got his freedom because he was clever and was a great writer.

His fables were written through allegories and humor and are always relatable to people. Every story has its moral.

Throughout the history, his fables were told and written down by many people, and it is believed that there are about 426 fables.

He probably wrote his fables with the inspirations of his environment, and he was the role model for many fable writers.

Aesop’s Fables

"Aesop's Fables" is a book of stories and the characters are mostly animals and sometimes plants. Even though the characters aren't humans they have human virtues and flaws, act and talk like people. Every fable has a lesson, and people can relate to the characters. All of the events in the stories are linked to real life events, and they carry the moral of the story. The storytelling … [Read more...]