Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was a Russian poet, born on 6th of July, 1799. in Moscow. He is known as one of the best Russian poets and a father of Russian literature in general. At his early age, he is left in the care of peasants Nikita Kozlov and Arina Yakovleva.

Pushkin was a descendant of the old noble family by his father's side while his mother was a granddaughter of Gannibal, famous Ethiopian prince who had a lot of influence on the emperor Peter the Great.

As a child, he was sent away to Lyceum near St. Petersburg. He begins writing his poems during his schooling, and after graduating, he was well known in poetic circles. At first, he was influenced with traditional classicism, but later he started writing on manners of romanticism. He was spending his time in the company of many intellectuals who made his creativity even stronger.

His most famous works are "Mozart and Salieri, "Weeding in the Time of Plague", "Captain's Daughter", "Dubrovski", "Gypsies", and his greatest accomplishment is a novel "Evgenij Onegin".

He dies on January 29th,1837., succumbing the shooting consequences.

The Gypsies

"The Gypsies" is a narrative poem by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, written in 1824., and published in 1827. This poem belongs to the cycle of so-called "southern poems", which we wrote during his exile at his mother's Mihaylovski estate in northern Russia. The main idea of this poem, and also the theme as well is testing the moral boundaries and the adjusting of the nobility to the … [Read more...]

Eugene Onegin

"Eugene Onegin" is the most famous work of a Russian author named Pushkin. It's written in 5.600 verses and it is a novel containing 8 chapters. Pushkin wrote it almost 8 years and is now considered one of the most significant works of Russian literature. This novel started the popularity rising of Russian literature in the 19th century - it turned focus from Romanticism to Realism. For … [Read more...]

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish

For 33 years an old fisherman and his wife led a very poor life in a cottage on the seaside. The fisherman was fishing to provide food for him and his wife. One day he caught a gold fish. When he saw her in his net she talked in human voice. She begged him to let her go and in return she promised to grant him three wishes. The old man was kind and modest so he had mercy upon the … [Read more...]