Erich Kästner

Erich Kästner was born in 1899 in Dresden, Germany. He had the title of one of the best children author.

He went to school in Berlin and Leipzig where he studied German and Roman languages and he also had a master in philosophy.

He always wanted to become a writer but he became an author and a journalist. He was a novel writer, script writer, play writer and a poet.

He became famous by the book Emil and the detectives that was his first book. He wrote it when he was 29. It has been translated to many languages and also some movies were filmed by it.

From his other novels we have Emil and the Three Twins, Lottie and Lisa... He died in 1947.

Lottie and Lisa

Lottie and Lisa, twins that didn’t know each other, lived in their very own separate worlds. Lisa lived with her father, a famous conductor and composer in a loud and luxurious world of Viennese artists. Lottie lived with her mother, a photography editor for a publisher firm, in a much simpler place in Munich. The unexpected encounter of the sisters in a summer camp is the beginning … [Read more...]

Emil and the Detectives

''Emil and the detectives'' begins with a subchapter where it is described why the plot is set in the city and involves the life of city children instead of the life of unusual characters and adventures. Also the characters are introduced. Emil is a hard working student, the best in class. He lives in a small town in Germany named Neustadt. He lost his father early, at the age of 5 … [Read more...]