Eugene Ionesco

Eugene Ionesco was born on November 26th, 1909 in Romania. In 1911 he moved to France where he stayed until 1922 when he goes back to Romania again. Since he spent most of his young years in France, he forgot the Romanian language so he started studying it again in order to study in Bucharest.

In 1928, after finishing high school, he studied French literature and he got his diploma in 1933. He got married in 1936 and he got a daughter. Because of her, he wrote many children’s stories.

In 1938 he moved back to France where he spent a lot of time but he got his citizenship in 1950.

He wrote mostly in French but he was awarded as a Romanian writer.

He entered the literature with a book of poems "Elegies for Little Beings". He started writing plays fortuitously and his play "The Bold Soprano" made him one of the lead names in the avant-garde.

His other works are: "The Lessons", "Victims of Duty", "Rhinoceros", "The King Exists".

He died when he was 84, on March 28th, 1994 in Paris where he was also buried.

The Chairs

The play "The Chairs" by Eugene Ionesco was written and performed for the first time in 1952 in the Parisian theater Lancry and soon after it was performed it was named as one of the leading works of the avant-garde. As for the style and theme of the play, they follow the ideas from the author’s play "The Bold Soprano" that were further elaborated in his first plays. The plot is … [Read more...]

The Bald Soprano

The first play written by the French writer Ionesco was "The Bold Soprano". It was written in 1948 and performed in 1950 in Paris. Today is one of the most performed plays in France, even though the first performance wasn’t a success. The author’s inspiration for this play emerged from his desire to learn the English language. While writing the play the author tried in every way to … [Read more...]