Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka was born in Prague on July, the 3rd in 1883. He was born into a wealthy family dominated by his father and he grew up in the shadow of his father’s authority which made a great impact on him.

After finishing high school, he studied chemistry. After that, he transferred to German and German literature to end up finally studying law. In reality, he only wanted to be a writer. During his life, two books of stories and a few magazine articles by him were published.

During his lifetime "Contemplation", "A Country Doctor", "A hungry artist", "The Judgement" and "The Metamorphosis" were published.

He stated a wish in his will for all of his books to be burned but the will executor, Max Brod, didn’t want to do that. The books supposed to be burn were "The Trial", "America" and "The Castle".

Kafka died from tuberculosis in Wien on June the 3rd, 1924. In 1931 the stories "The great Wall of China" were published.

Franz Kafka was one of the most important artists of modern day literature and contemporary novel. To its testimony speaks the fact that many contemporary novel writers use his work as a start, or better to say an inspiration in writing.

The Metamorphosis

Franz Kafka’s novella "The Metamorphosis" carries an allegorical meaning, and the moral of the story is hard to reach. The plot is narrated in a simple and chronological way and the events are transparent. The only departure of reality is in Gregor’s metamorphosis when he becomes a giant bug. The style, structure and language are simple while the complexity of the work can be found in … [Read more...]

The Trial

"The trial" is one of the three novels by Kafka that were unpublished and supposed to be burned. It is believed that the novel was written in between 1914 and 1923. It was published after Kafka’s death in 1927. Time: beginning of 20th century Place: unknown European city Book Summary I. Josef K. is a bank worker, and he had an ordinary day waiting for his breakfast that … [Read more...]