Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman was born on May 12th, 1946 in London. He is a British SF writer.

He is a big sports fanatic and as a young man, he was a successful athlete. He started writing about the sport after he stopped doing it and his first book series "Foul football" is dedicated to it.

Except for sports, Coleman enjoyed computers. He thought informatics at the University of Portsmouth and his love for technology was transferred into his books. One of his most famous novel series actually involves technology.

The novel series "Internet Detectives" consists out of 8 novels and their goal is to show the joy of informatics and internet to the young people whose life was already slowly being penetrated by technology.

The author wrote few picture book, novels for teenagers as well as adults. The first novel from the series "Internet Detectives" called "Net Bandits" also got a movie adaption.

Speed Surf

This is the third out of 8 novels from the series "Internet Detective" from the author Michael Coleman. The first novel is titled "Net Bandits" and the second one "Escape Key". This sequel keeps up with the lives of six friends from all over the world that, with the help of Internet, solve all kinds of mysteries. "Speed Surf" is, as the two previous novels,  a story about the courage … [Read more...]

Escape Key

"Escape Key" is the second out of eight novels from the series "Internet Detectives" by Michael Coleman. The first novel named "Net Bandits" was followed by the sequel which continues to keep up with the lives of 6 friends from different parts of the world who united by internet solve mysteries to which apparently they stumble upon by accident. As in the previous novel, this one as … [Read more...]

Net Bandits

"Net Bandits" is the first out of eight novels from the series "Internet Detectives" by Michael Coleman. The novel gives us a look into the teen lives of Tamsyn, Josh, and Rob who didn’t even knew each other in the beginning of the novel. They’ve met accidentally online. The novel was published in 1996 when computers were far from what we know now. It was only the beginning of the … [Read more...]