Michael Ende

Michael Ende was a famous German writer who was born in 1929 in Bavaria. His father was a famous artist but in the World War II - his art was pronounced to be sick and twisted. After the big attack on Hamburg, Ende went to Munich.

He developed a love for literature and writing at an early age when he started writing poems and stories. He was very interested in theatre and he started working for the Theatre Academy in Munich after which he became a professional actor. He never got an important role or had a big career.

While he was traveling he began to write. He told he wrote his first novel impulsively, without a plan or an idea. Writing was an adventure for him. He experienced the adventures of his characters thru them.

His first book was a success. It was a children’s novel "Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver" and it brought him an award for the best children’s book in 1961. The book "Momo" was also a success and it was written in 1973 and he acquired world fame with "NeverEnding Story" in 1979.

The most expensive German movie in those times was a movei adaption of the previously mentioned book but the author called it tacky.

Some of his other famous works are: "The Spoilsport", "A very short Fairytale", "Mirror in the mirror"…

He died in 1995 from stomach cancer.


Momo is a modern fairytale in which the fight between good and evil and the contemporary society, in which because of the wish for material stability doesn’t give anyone time to take care of another person, is being shown. The novel is composed of three parts: the first one has 5 chapters, the second one 7 and the third one has nine. Every chapter has a subtitle. The reader is firstly … [Read more...]

The Neverending Story

"The Neverending story" is a famous children and young’s novel by Michael Ende. It was published in 1979 and it brought the author worldwide success. It was such a success that Wolfgang Petersen made a movie adaption in 1984 and then it was one of the most expensive German cinematography movie. The world of which the author speaks is well described. Except for the magical creatures it … [Read more...]