William Faulkner

William Faulkner was born on September 25th 1897 in a small place called New Albany in Mississippi into a family of the well known salesman William Cuthbert Faulkner that got famous in literature because of his novel “The White Rose of Memphis”. William Faulkner was his great-grandchild.

When he turned five his family decided to move to Oxford. He also participated in the I. WW on the side of the Canadian volunteers.

After the war he moved to New Orleans where he began his friendship with Sherwood Anderson who influenced his writing. He wrote some smaller works and then went back to Oxford. He got married, bought a farm and kept on living as a farmer while writing was just a hobby.

The novel “The Sound and the Fury” gave him an entrance into the world of literature in 1929 and it is perceived as the turning point in the history of all novels. Some of his other works are: “As I Lay Dying”, “Light in August”, “Absalom, Absalom”…

His novel “Soldier’s pay” published in 1926 is a true example of the “lost generation” such as Fitzgerald and Hemingway. William received a Nobel Prize in 1950 and numerous American awards and all of them served as the confirmation of his writing talent. He died on July 6th, 1962.

As I Lay Dying

"As I Lay Dying" is a 1930 novel by William Faulkner. The novel was one of the first of its kind to utilize the narration of multiple point-of-view characters. Each of the 59 chapters is told through the eyes of a character and named after them. Faulkner claimed to have written the book over the course of six weeks, working from midnight to 4 a.m while employed at a power plant. He also … [Read more...]

The Sound and the Fury

William Faulkner was an author well known for his not so optimistic novels. "The Sound and the Fury" is a novel in which the intellectual, moral and emotional falling apart of the world is shown. Faulkner uses his characters to describe the 20th century society. The novel begins with the fall of an aristocratic family and the further fall after the death of an alcoholic father. Before … [Read more...]