Book Reports is a website for anyone that needs quick and effective help with reading, understanding and writing short book reports. We bring you book analyses, short summaries of literary works from world literature for elementary and secondary schools.

Website contains summaries and analysis from more than 500 most important books of classic literature. Books have been paraphrased and analyzed in a sufficiently short format so that they are easy to read and understand for everyone, even the most demanding ones.

With the help of our analyses, you will be able to make your own book report much easier. Simple and concise book reports on this website will give you a better insight into a particular work, no matter how extensive or complicated it is in its original. Our book reports are appropriate to the age at which the work is intended, so that every one of our readers, regardless age, may benefit from them, given his or her school requirements.

Book Reports is not intended only for students but also their parents, who want a quick and easy way to gain insight into the books their child reads and processes; professors who need extra help with teaching, and anyone else who needs help with book analysis or just simply love reading with comprehension.

Our book summaries are primarily focused on shortening and paraphrasing, but in almost every report on this portal you can also find an analysis of the work and characterization of the characters. General analysis of the work will introduce you to the topic of the work and clarify its idea, while analyzing the characters will make you better understand some of their action.

Finally, Book Reports hold biographies of the authors whose works we have covered.

We hope that this website will be a useful online service for you, so that you can interpret the work you are reading quickly, easily and in more understandable way.