The novel "Gargantua" looks as if it revolves around the life of the main character Gargantua. The author gives us an insight into the smallest details of his life such as his origins, birth, childhood, life in Paris and liberation of his homeland. The novel seems to be a chivalric romance that consists out of the main character’s life episodes but Rabelais doesn’t put the plot in the … [Read more...]


The first few chapters are dedicated to getting to know the main character. His birth, childhood, teen years and moving to Paris are shown. The return to his country is marked by the liberation of the land that was under enemies reign. The author shows us events that concern the main character and at first sight the novel seems to be a biography novel but when we look closer we can … [Read more...]

The Chairs

The play "The Chairs" by Eugene Ionesco was written and performed for the first time in 1952 in the Parisian theater Lancry and soon after it was performed it was named as one of the leading works of the avant-garde. As for the style and theme of the play, they follow the ideas from the author’s play "The Bold Soprano" that were further elaborated in his first plays. The plot is … [Read more...]

The Bald Soprano

The first play written by the French writer Ionesco was "The Bold Soprano". It was written in 1948 and performed in 1950 in Paris. Today is one of the most performed plays in France, even though the first performance wasn’t a success. The author’s inspiration for this play emerged from his desire to learn the English language. While writing the play the author tried in every way to … [Read more...]

The Nightingale

"The Nightingale" is a fairytale with an unexpected ending. Even though we are used to hearing happy endings, this one is a bit different especially compared to other fairytales by Andersen. It begins by a China’s emperor hearing about a magnificent bird, a little nightingale with a beautiful voice. The emperor sent his minister to find it and bring it to him. The nightingale’s voice … [Read more...]

The Brave Tin Soldier

This is one of the most unusual fairytales by Andersen. It doesn’t have a happy ending and the main characters suffer a tragic "death".  It talks about the love between a one-legged soldier, who represents those who are different, and a beautiful paper ballerina. The soldier met different characters from the children’s room and in the end, despite all the temptations, he managed to … [Read more...]

The Swineherd

The fairytale about the princess and the swineherd is actually a story about unrequited love. The swineherd, who was actually a prince, fell in love with the young princess and he had sent her two gifts that she didn’t like. He decided to dress up as a poor young man so he could get a job at her father’s kingdom. When he got settled in a small room he started making all kinds of … [Read more...]

The Ridiculous Wishes

The story "The Ridiculous Wishes", also known as "Three Ridiculous Wishes" is a French fairy tale by Charles Perrault and it was published in 1697 in Histoires ou Contes du temps passé. The story describes the life of an unsatisfied woodcutter who complained about the skies never granting him a wish. Then Jupiter appeared and told him that he will grant his wish but the woodcutter got … [Read more...]

In Desert and Wilderness

"In Desert and Wilderness" is a teen novel by a famous Poland writer and Nobel award-winner Henryk Sienkiewicz. It was written in 1912. The plot is set in the 19th century and it’s about two friends, a 14 years old Polish boy Stanislaw and his 8 years old friend Nel for England. She was kidnapped in Sudan by the insurgents of the Muslim priest Mahdi. The insurgents kidnap the kids and … [Read more...]


The Greek tragedy "Electra" was written by Euripides in 410 B.C. There is a work with the same name by Sophocles but it was never determined which one was written first. The plot happened even before the Trojan war. Agamemnon decided, under the influence of goddess Artemis, to sacrifice his daughter Iphigeneia. In return, the goddess would give enough wind for the Greeks to sail to … [Read more...]