Titus Maccius Plautus

Titus Maccius Plautus is the biggest Roman comedy writer. He lived between 254 and 184 BC. He worked as a stage worker, actor in Rome and then he got himself into some debts and became a slave.

Plautus style, filled with folk talk and jokes, became a role model to many other writers. Because of many works were written in his tone he is considered to have written over 130 comedies while some believe that he only wrote 21 works that are completely his. The most popular ones are "Aulularia" or "The Pot of Gold", "Maneachmi".

In his works, he showed everyday city life scenes but he introduced rough comedy, music parts and elements of burlesque into the Greek comedy.

The Plautus comedy is recognizable by the clever servant who has the most important role and twists the plot. Plautus is considered to be one of the most skilled descriptors of human characteristics that are worthy of being laughed at

The Swaggering Soldier

In the play "The Swaggering Soldier" (lat. Miles Gloriosus) Plautus, a Roman comedian (254. - 184. B.C.), makes fun of human flaws such as vanity and prodigality. The comedy was written between 3rd and 2nd century B.C. and it owes its name to Pyrgopolynices who is the swaggering soldier. He always makes a great deal of his wartime and love accomplishments and his vanity is always … [Read more...]

The Pot of Gold

''The Pot of Gold'' is a play where the main motives are greed, cheapness and gold. The theme is Euclio’s cheapness and greed for gold. The play is easy to read and the author makes fun of people’s characteristics. There are four acts. Euclio is a poor man who finds the pot of gold and gets materialistic richness with it but becomes poor in every other aspects of his life. He only … [Read more...]