Beauty and the Beast

“The Beauty and the Beast” is a heartfelt story about the birth of love and the capability of love to transform the way you look at people you love. The moral of this fairytale is that person’s beauty comes from a heart in love and when the beauty realizes the inner beauty of the beast and the feelings it has the outer appearance means nothing to her anymore.

This story is about true love which transforms the beast into a prince. In real life, not only fairy tales, every person we consider to be a soul mate is a beautiful prince or princess.

The fairytale has a happy ending because the great love between the beauty and the beast was real and when the beauty declared the love for the beast he transformed into a beautiful prince.

Genre: fairytale

Place: Beauty’s house and Beast’s castle

Book Summary

The fairytale of the beauty and the beast starts with a young girl who lived with her father and two sisters. They lived a good life in a big house but due to some unfortunate turn of events her father lost all his money. They were forced to move into a smaller house. The two sisters kept on grieving for their former life and Beauty maintained her sadness for herself and tried her best to help her family.

One day the father found out there is a slight chance he could get back a part of his fortune when one of the ships got back. The two sisters started to demand all sorts of thing and beauty just wanted her father to come back safe. He persuaded her to tell him what she wanted and in the end she asked him for a single rose.

On his way home, the father got lost and wandered into a castle. He was getting ready to leave when he saw beautiful roses and he picked one. In that moment the beast caught him and the father, begging for his life, said the rose was for his daughter. The beast let him go under the condition of him sending one of his daughters to the castle but the daughter had to want to come.

On his way home he didn’t want to tell Beauty what happened but she found out and accepted to go to the castle. When they came to the castle the beast asked whether the girl came by her own will and both of them be affirmed she did. The beast banished the father and told him never to come back again.

Beauty’s life was pleasant. She had her room and she was served. The beast never appeared. Beauty only heard his voice. As time passed by they started enjoying each other’s company.

The beast showed himself in the garden one night and he scared her a bit. He wanted to hide again but Beauty couldn’t listen to the sadness in his voice so she told him that she wanted to see him again. After a while, Beauty started missing her father and Beast granted her one visit to her father after they found out he was ill.

While she was taking care of her father the time flew by and she had a dream about Beast dying. Before she left his palace he gave her a ring and told her she only needed to put it on her finger when she wanted to come back and that she would awake in the palace. When she came back to the palace she found the beast ill in his bed. She didn’t want him to die and she told him she’ll marry him.

Beast disappeared all of the sudden and its place was taken by a beautiful prince. He told her all about a fairy enchanting him and how the spell could have only been broken by a girl falling in love with him. After her father got better they threw a wedding and then they all lived happily ever after.

Characters: the beauty, her family, and the beast

Characters Analysis

The beauty was a young, kindhearted girl who wanted to help her father after he lost his fortune. She never demanded any type of gifts from her father, unlike her sisters which never had enough of anything. When her father went on a trip to gain some of his fortunes back she asked him for a rose. After her father got caught picking flowers from the beast’s garden the story got interesting because the beast was actually an enchanted prince.

The beast was an enchanted prince who believed that true love existed and that it lives in a heart that’s in love. He also believed it was eternal. Mutual love emerged out of an everyday conversation between him and the beauty so he was sure her feelings for him were honest. She believed in him, listened to him and saved him on his death bed.

Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont Biography

Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont was a French author best known for her version of “The Beauty and the Beast”. She was born in 1711 in Rouen and died in 1780.

After her mother passed away when Jeanne was only eleven, she and her sisters were tutored by two wealthy women who later on enrolled them into a convent school in Ernemont in Rouen. Subsequently, Jeanne became a singing teacher.

She was married two times, once to the dancer Antoine Malter and the second time for Grimard de Beaumont.

In 1748 she went to London where she wrote fairytales amongst which was “The Beauty and the Beast”. Jeanne left England in 1763 with her daughter Elisabeth. Jeanne was in a relationship with the French spy Thomas Pichon which landed her a character in the novel “Crossings”.

Except for fairy tales. she wrote novels such as “The Triumph of Truth” and instructional handbook for parents and educator called Magasins. Her other works are: “Prince Darling”, “Prince Charming”, “The Widow and her Two Daughters”, “The Tale of the Three Wishes”…