Little Red Riding Hood

“Little Red Riding Hood” is one of the most famous stories from Perrault’s fairytales. Even though witches, fairies and other surreal creatures don’t appear in this story there are many unordinary events. If there wasn’t for them then Little Red Riding Hood would never be freed from the wolf’s insides.

Despite the fact that she was a obedient child, Little Red Riding Hood committed an irrational action and she was outsmarted by a wolf. The moral of the story is that kids should keep an eye on the evil people that cross their path. It doesn’t have to be a mean wolf but it could be someone worse.

In the beginning we are introduced to the girl and the plot twists when she encounters the wolf and through the dialogues we find out that the bad wolf first ate the grandmother and then the little girl. The story gets a happy ending when the hunter comes, saves them and kills the wolf.


Once upon a time there was a good and obedient girl who was loved by everyone and especially her grandmother who made her a red hood. The girl loved wearing it so she got a nickname by it – Little Red Riding Hood. One day her mother told her that her grandma got ill and that she should visit and bring her some wine and cake so that her grandma would get her strength back. Before she headed off to her grandma she was warned that she has to follow the path without making any turns.

Her mother also told her to act nicely at her grandma’s and that she shouldn’t roam around the house and peek in every corner. She knew that the girl only needed half an hour to reach the house that was outside off the village, in a forest. She took more than half an hour because she ran into a wolf.

Since she had no clue that the wolf was a dangerous animal she wasn’t scared and she started talking to him. The girl was naïve and the wolf got her to talk about everything, starting from her ill grandma, what she was carrying to her house and the location of the house. The wolf listened with interest and started plotting a vicious plan. He couldn’t be happier about eating the girl and her grandma.

He wolf knew he had to take care of granny first so he told the girl to go and pick a few flowers for her grandma. She didn’t suspect he was misleading her because of his agenda so she went on picking flowers. In the meantime the wolf headed to grandma’s house and when he reached the door he represented himself as Little Red Riding Hood. Grandma told him that it’s open and that he can come in.

When he entered the house he ate the grandma and dressed himself in her clothes. He even put the night hat on and waited for the girl to arrive. The girl picked enough flowers and she came to the house. The open doors surprised her a bit and she had a strange feeling without knowing why. She came to her grandma’s bed to say hello and her grandma looked strange which scared her.

With a growing fear she asked her grandma why she has such big ears and hands. When she asked her why her mouth is so big she responded that they were big so he could eat her.  The wolf swallowed the girl and fell asleep. He also snored loudly right when a hunter was walking by the house. He was surprised that grandma could snore so loudly so he went in to check if everything was alright.

When he reached the bed he saw the wolf and wanted to shot at first but then he remembered that the wolf probably ate grandma and that he should save her. He reached for a pair of scissors and he opened his insides. The Little Red Riding Hood jumped out and her grandma after her. The girl got some stones which they placed into the wolf stomach so when he wanted to run away he couldn’t. The stones killed him. Everyone was happy about the wolf’s death. The hunter got some new fur, Little Red Riding Hood learned that she should always be obedient and grandma got better.

Genre: fairytale

Place: woods, grandma’s house

Characters: Little Red Riding Hood, wolf, grandma, hunter

Charles Perrault biography