Snow White

“Snow White” is one of the classics between fairytales that got its screen adaption in the Walt Disney Studio. “Snow White” is a first feature-length animated film from USA.

An evil witch that was also a stepmom, a beautiful young girl that was a princess, a prince and little dwarfs are mentioned in this fairytale. Snow White lived in a castle with her stepmother that was extremely vain and had incredible powers. Every day she asked her mirror who was the prettiest them all and she always got the answer she wanted to hear. When Snow White grew up the mirror changed its answer. The stepmother was furious and she wanted to get rid of her stepdaughter.

The witch ordered a hunter to take her deep into the woods but the hunter didn’t have the heart to kill her as he was ordered. He let her live and she managed herself in a house with seven dwarfs. In the end the good won and the princess got her happy ending with her prince.


Once upon a time there was a kingdom in which a queen gave birth to a beautiful girl with cheeks white as snow because of which she was called Snow White.

Unfortunately, she lost her mother early and her father remarried but this time with an evil woman that was actually a witch. She considered herself to be the prettiest of them all and she always had a mirror that told her what she wanted to hear.

It told her she was the prettiest but one day the mirror pronounced Snow White’s name because it had to be honest. It didn’t take long for the stepmom to become jealous and reach the point where she just wanted her stepdaughter to disappear.

She ordered one of the hunters to take the girl into the woods and kill her. He took Snow White but set her free because he wasn’t strong enough to kill her. He slaughtered a pig and took its heart as a proof for the queen. For a short period of time the queen lived in peace again.

Snow White was on the run and she got lost in the woods. While she was wondering she came across a house in which seven dwarfs lived. The nice dwarfs felt sorry for the poor girl so they let her stay with them. She was proven to be useful and helpful because she cleaned the house and cooked. Everyone was happy with the new situation.

One day the stepmother asked the mirror her famous question again and she expected to hear her name because she believed Snow White was dead. She was shocked when she heard her name and except for telling her the girl is alive it also told her where she lived.

She decided to dress up as an old beggar and she took a basket filled with apples with her. She placed prepared a poisoned apple for the girl and she placed it on the top. The dwarfs were working in the mine every day and before they left they would always warn Snow White not to talk to strangers.

They also warned her the day her stepmother was coming for her but she disguised herself so well it was hard to say no to her. She looked friendly and Snow White started to talk to her. She offered her the apple and only one bite was enough for Snow White to fall to the ground unconscious.

After the dwarfs came back they found her lying on the floor and they couldn’t bring her to live so they made a glass coffin in order to look at her some more. She was too beautiful to be buried. They covered her coffin with flowers and guarded it every day.

A young prince was passing through the forest that day and as soon as he saw the beautiful girl lying in the coffin he fell in love and asked the dwarfs who she was. They told him what had happened to her and the prince kissed her. Snow White opened her eyes and an apple chunk flew out of her throat. The dwarfs couldn’t believe their eyes. The prince asked her to marry him and she said yes. The dwarfs escorted her to his castle. The stepmother found out about it and she was so upset that it killed her.

Genre: Fairytale

Time: once upon a time

Place: castle, forest, dwarf’s house

Characters: Snow White, 7 dwarfs, stepmother, hunter, princ

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