The Brave Little Tailor

“The Brave Little Tailor” is a fairytale that describes the events of the main character and his outsmarting with a giant. After he killed seven flies with one hit he thought it would be a good idea to see the world instead of spending his day in his tailor shop.

He met a giant on his adventure and he tried to outsmart him every time. The problem was that the giant didn’t believe him he had killed 7 flies with one hit. The giant came up with various challenges in which the tailor had to prove his strength. The tail would do every task without difficulties and it made the giant very angry until one day he decided to get rid of the tailor. He didn’t accomplish his goal because the tailor outsmarted him one more time.

This fairytale is interesting because of all of the ways the tailor manages to drive the giant crazy. The moral of the story is that courage and brains are important in life because with them we get out of difficult situations.


One morning a young tailor was making his breakfast and not any less than 7 flies land on his toast. They buzzed and annoyed the tailor until he swung his strong hand and killed them all. He was proud to have done it so he decided to sew the words “Seven with one hit” into his belt.

After that the tailor thought to himself that killing seven flies with one hit wasn’t an easy task. He believed himself to be capable and strong so the tailor shop started to feel small for his big plans. He decided to head out into the world.

He left town and went straight for the mountains where he ran into a giant. He was in a bad mood and told him to get away and stop bugging him. The giant took a close look at the tailor and saw the sign on his belt. The giant took a stone and crushed it. It was actually an invitation for the tailor to do the same if he can.

The wise tailor placed his hand in his pocket and found a piece of cheese in it. He pretended it was a stone and he told the giant that he will make water come out of the fictional stone. The giant didn’t believe him but when he saw water running from the stone he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The giant was surprised by the tailor’s strength ut he still wouldn’t acknowledge defeat. He took a big rock and swung it as high as he could. The rock flew so far away they didn’t even hear it hit the ground. It was tailor’s turn again. He found a dove in his pocket and pretended it was a stone. He threw it and the giant thought it was a white stone. He thought that the tailor was superior again but wouldn’t admit defeat.

The giant, cranky and angry, came up with a new challenge. They came to a massive oak tree and the giant told the tailor to help him carry the tree and that only then he will believe him he killed seven flies with one hit. He tailor said he would only do it if the giant goes in the front. The giant grabbed the front part of the oak and the tailor sat on the branches and watched the giant carry the oak tree by himself. The giant was struggling while the tailor was whistling and making fun of him.

In one moment the giant stopped and placed the oak on the ground and the tailor pretended he was holding the branches. The giant didn’t even suspect that the tailor was playing dirty and he was amazed by his strength. He decided he had to trick him somehow.

It became dark and the giant told the tailor he can spend the night in his cave. The tailor suspected his intentions weren’t so noble because giants weren’t well known as hospitable creatures. The giant even offered him his bed to make the tailor feel comfortable.

After the giant fell asleep the tailor snuck out of the bed and hid himself in the corner of the cave. The giant suddenly got up, grabbed the bed where the tailor was supposed to be sleeping and threw it down the cliff. He thought that he had finally outsmarted the tailor.

The next morning the giant was in a great mood and he went to prepare some breakfast. He decided to go to the forest to get a few mushrooms. He looked for them when he heard a voice calling him. He was incredibly confused when he saw the tailor.

The giant started running away thinking he had gone insane and that everything was only in his head. He thought it was impossible for the tailor to be alive after he threw him down the cliff.  While he was running he yelled to the tailor that he wasn’t strong as he is. The tailor laughed and went his own way.

Genre: fairytale

Place: tailor shop, forest, cave

Characters: tailor, giant

Character analysis

Tailor – wise, good and witty main character. He was tired of an ordinary life so he went to search for an adventure and wanted to get to know the world. He loved to tease people and he accepted every challenge. Because of his wittiness he managed to drive the giant insane.

Giant – naive, and ready to come up with any challenge just to show his superiority over the tailor. He lived in a cave and spent most of his life angry and cranky. When the tailor, who had killed seven flies with one hit, came to his life he started coming heavier challenges just to show his strength but the tailor outsmarted him every time. Even though he was big he was very frightful.

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