The Twelve Dancing Princesses

The fairytale about twelve sisters going to a ball in their dancing shoes is a story that awakens our imagination and makes us think about pleasant music, beautiful dresses and dancing. Every night they would go to their princes to go and dance all night.

Their father was worried because their dancing shoes didn’t lie. They were worn out and by the look of them everyone would say they were dancing all nights. In order to protect his daughters he sent the messengers to spread the word about the prize in the kingdom. Whoever finds out what’s going on with his daughters and their shoes get a reward.

The moral of the story is that sometime children don’t know what they’re doing when they’re hiding the truth from their parents and that they should be on the lookout for all the dangers in the world. No matter what the truth is our parents are the people we need to talk to whenever we have the chance because they are always ready to listen to their child’s need and wishes.


Once upon a time a king lived with his 12 beautiful girls, one prettier that the other. The first one had beautiful hair, the other one eyes the color of the sky, the third one cherry colored lips, the fourth had cheeks soft as silk. He loved them all and would die if something would to happen to them. He would check their room every night to see if they are in their beds and then he would go to sleep. Everything was always under control.

Once he noticed that their shoes were worn out like princesses went dancing in them every night. He thought the girls were hiding something from him and when he asked them about the dancing shoes they would just laugh.

His concern grew daily so he decided to do something about it. He sent his messengers to tell to the whole kingdom that whoever finds out the secret his daughter’s are hiding will get a reward. People had many theories but nobody was even close to the truth.

The days passed by and he began to feel worse about the situation. He couldn’t figure out why the shoes are worn out if the girls are sleeping in their beds every night. When he asked them do they leave during the night they would just reply they were in bed all night, talking late. He asked if he’ll ever know the truth.

One day a soldier, coming home from the war, met a lovely lady who was walking through the kingdom. He told her that he had heard about the prize for the one who solves the mystery of the dancing shoes. Since he didn’t have a penny in his pocket he would profit from the prize. The lady warned him that no one was able to get to the truth so far and she offered him her invisibility cloak. He was thrilled and thanked the lady for her help. She showed him the way to the castle.

When the soldier reached the castle the king gave him a comfortable accommodation in hopes he’ll find out the truth. The soldier decided to wear the cloak when everyone goes to bed. When night came he went to the girl’s room and he had something to see.

The princesses had a secret passageway under their bed and they snuck out in their dresses and dancing shoes. The youngest sister had a sensation someone was watching her but the older ones told her to come along and pay no attention to the sounds. She ran after then down many stairs that led to the unknown.

Soldier went after them and after a few moments he came to a forest made out of silver in which the leaves shined the way for the princesses. He picked a leave and then the youngest sister turned around and asked who was there. Her sisters told her it was all in her head.

They went going on to a forest that was gold and then to a forest made out of diamonds. In every forest the soldier picked a leave and the younger sister kept on claiming someone was following them but no one listened to her.

In the end they came to a lake and satin a boat that transported them to the island on which a castle was. The soldier also sat in their boat and the oarsman was amazed by the youngest sister that gained so much weight because the boat almost sank in the end when she got in.

They came to an island and ran to their princes who waited for them on a magnificent ball.

They couldn’t wait to start dancing in their magical shoes and the soldier was watching them. They enjoyed the music, the food, the wine and laughed happily. The soldier wanted to take off his coat but he knew what would happen if he did it so he just kept on observing the princesses. He fell in love with the youngest.

Day came and the princesses had to go back to their room. They went to the same way they got there and they got back in time so their father wouldn’t catch them outside of bed in the morning.

The soldier went with them and told everything to the king. He had the leaves and the flowers he picked in the castle to prove his story. The king believed him and decided to give him an award and the soldier wished for his youngest daughter.

The king told him he needed to ask her if she wants to marry a soldier. She just came down to eat her breakfast and the soldier stood in front of her and asked her to marry him. She thought he would be a good husband because he was strong and smart enough to reveal their secret.

They got married soon and they all danced happily ever after.

Genre: fairytale

Place: kingdom, castle

Characters: sister, father, soldier,

Character analysis

King – lived with his 12 beautiful daughters and loved them immensely. He couldn’t figure out where they went at night and why were their dancing shoes worn out. He was scared something might happen to them so he decided to give and award to anyone who finds out what is happening with his girls.

Youngest princess – frightful girl that went to the ball with her sisters. She had a feeling someone was watching them all the time but her sisters didn’t believe her. On the other hand it was hard to believe her since the soldier was wearing an invisibility cloak.

Soldier – capable, young man who was helped by a young lady while he was strolling down the kingdom. He came from the war and needed money so he decided to find out what the daughters were doing and get the prize. Because of the invisibility cloak he managed to find out their secret and in the end he fell in love with the youngest sister and married her.

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