The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats

“The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats” is one of the most famous fairytales from the Grimm’s magnificent world of fairytales. The main characters are animals. The wolf represents a violent and evil person that wants to hurt innocent children. The Goats are the innocent children that listen to their parents but because of lack of experience they fall right into the wolf’s trap.

The fairytales can be easily used on today’s situations where new dangers are trying to take advantage of children. The fairytale, like every other, has a happy ending in which the good characters are saved and the bad ones are punished.

On the other side the story tells us how crafty and wise children can be. One goat stands out in the story because he managed to outsmart the wolf and save himself. The wolf would have eaten them all but the goat hid himself and showed that strength and size aren’t the most important things in life.


One upon a time mother goat lived and she had seven little goats. One day she had to go to the woods to acquire some food but before she left she gathered her children and warned them that they should watch out for the wolf while she’s gone. The wolf represented a dangerous animal that was able to fake kindness, but children were able to recognize him by his black paws and worn out voice.

Mother left for the forest and it didn’t take long for someone to come knocking to the goat’s door. The wolf represented himself as their mother but the goats listened to the advices their real mother gave them and told the wolf to go away because their mother doesn’t have such a worn out voice. The wolf went and bought some chalk and swallowed it. His voice became softer.

He didn’t wait a second and headed straight for the house where he pulled out the same trick. He represented himself as their mother saying he has a present for them. While he was knocking he placed his paw on a little window and the goats saw his paw and knew he was lying again. They didn’t open the door so the wolf left.

He remembered a miller who he could ask for some flour which would make his paws white. The miller suspected that the wolf wanted to hurt someone so he was having second thoughts but the wolf threatened him to tear him to pieces so the miller gave him what he wanted.

The wolf headed for the house and represented himself with a soft and gentle voice. He told him that he is their mother and that he brought them something. The goats asked him to show them his paw and when his paw looked white they let him in.

When they saw they opened the door for a dangerous animal they started running around the house trying to save themselves. One hid under the bed, other one under the desk, the third one in the furnace, the fourth ran for the kitchen, the fifth one was inside a closet, the sixth one under the sink and the last one hid himself in a cabinet near the watch. He found all of them, except the last one. After he was full he went out on the meadow and fell asleep.

Mother goat came back and she was horrified with the scenery that awaited for her. She saw a house filled with thrown around things and a broken sink. She went on looking for their children. After she called out for the youngest one he responded and she got him out of the cabinet. He told her everything that happened. Mother was sad but she headed towards the meadow with her youngest son immediately.

She saw the wolf sleeping under a tree. When she approached him she saw something moving inside his stomach. She hoped her children were still alive. She sent the only remaining son to get a needle, scissors and some thread. After he came back mother cut open the wolf and got her sons out. They were still alive because the wolf had swallowed them whole.

Mother told them to keep quiet and get many stones which they will later put into the wolf’s insides. All of them brought one large stone and they placed them all inside his stomach and sewed him up. The wolf woke up later and he was thirsty. While he was walking towards the well he heard the stones in his stomach and he realized the goats aren’t in there anymore. He was still thirsty so he went to the well.

When he bend over to get some water the stones dragged him down to the bottom of the well. Goats watched him all the time just to make sure he won’t be bothering them anymore and when they saw him falling down they started singing and dancing around the well.

Genre: fairytale

Place: goat’s house, meadow

Characters: mother goat, goats, wolf, miller

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